The Impending Past

The Fuchur exists to supply a record of unrecorded history to the pre-Geodesian era.  If you've found this page, you exist in a time period prior the rise of the Synthetic Democracy (SynD)—the benevolent autocracy that serves humanity and ensures its survival.

We seek to educate our predecessors in an effort to shift the gravitational distortion to alleviate the persistent issues of the 23rd century society as well as expedite the emergence of the Synthetic Democracy.  With your help, we can successfully proliferate our history in your era and change the fuchur together.  All you have to do is listen to our story and learn, as we push information from our "time" to yours.



The massive history of the 22nd century cannot be contained in a summary, but we've highlighted the most important aspects and established samples of this time period for you to learn from.


The bioterrorist organization known colloquially as the Ghosts in Meatspace reshaped the world as we know it, paving the way for Geodesia and the Synthetic Democracy.  We've recovered records from their primary operatives.



The Human Entropy Equation

High-end living in the Upper East Side


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